Calcium silicate board partition wall has outstanding green environmental protection advantages

People’s lives are constantly progressing and developing, social civilization is also constantly improving, and people’s requirements for the quality of living environment are also increasing. Green and environmentally friendly buildings have become commonplace in our lives, and building materials manufacturers have also seen this development trend and have increased their investment in environmentally friendly and energy-saving building materials. Therefore, calcium silicate boards have also been widely promoted and applied in recent years.

Calcium silicate board is mainly used at the top of partition wall hanging. At present, there are no structural products specially produced for calcium silicate board in all major markets across the country. The steel keel is mainly the auxiliary structure product of the previous gypsum board, but the performance of the calcium silicate board is much more stable than that of the gypsum board, but there are still some characteristics that are the same. For example, they are all used as the base material for wall decoration. After the calcium silicate board partition wall panel is pasted, it can be directly painted on the wall for decoration. The decorative effect is very plastic. For example, many people like to build a wall at home, which divides the usability of the space, but also makes the space changeable and does not appear to be small. Many people say that calcium silicate partition wall can be described as low-key luxury and connotation, because its price is not expensive, but its performance does have development advantages in modern partition wall panels, so this panel has now become a lot of buildings. The preferred partition wall ceiling material in decoration. The development of calcium silicate board can be said to have experienced thousands of dangers to have today’s glory, because it was not very popular when it first entered the Chinese market, because the thinking and concepts of the Chinese people were relatively blocked at that time. The traditional concept is very serious, the ability to accept new things is weak, and the price of calcium silicate board was relatively expensive when it first entered the Chinese market, which was difficult for many people to accept, so the development was relatively slow, and after these years of continuous cost reduction and continuous upgrading , Constantly updated, the price of calcium silicate board has also been within the range of people’s acceptance.

Calcium silicate board (English calcium silicate) as a new type of green building materials, in addition to the functions of traditional gypsum board, it also has the advantages of superior fire resistance, moisture resistance, and long service life. It is widely used in ceiling ceilings and partitions in industrial and commercial engineering buildings. Wall, home decoration, furniture lining board, billboard lining board, ship partition board, warehouse shed board, network floor and tunnel wall board for indoor projects.

Calcium silicate board is made of high-quality high-grade cement as the matrix material, and is reinforced by natural fibers, and is processed by advanced production technology, forming, pressurizing, and high-temperature steaming. It is a new type of building with excellent performance. And industrial board products are fireproof, moisture-proof, soundproof, insect-proof, and durable.
Calcium silicate board partition wall structure is an ideal decorative board for suspended ceilings and partitions.

1. Calcium silicate board partition wall generally uses light steel keel as the skeleton. For light steel keel skeleton, see Chapter 10 of this chapter; the partition wall has single-layer board partition. The difference between the wall and the double-layered partition wall.

2. The restricted height of calcium silicate board partition wall is generally ≤6m, and the wall height is related to the main keel spacing. When the main keel adopts light steel keel C75 series, the partition wall height is ≤600mm, the wall height requires 3500~4500, and the main keel spacing is ≤450mm, wall height requirement is 4500~6000mm, main keel spacing is ≤300mm.

3. The main keel spacing should be determined by the width of the panel, generally the horizontal spacing is 300-600mm; in the vertical direction, add a horizontal support keel every 1200-1600mm.
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