Golden Power (Fujian) Building Materials Science Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Fuzhou, consisting of five business divisions: boards, furniture, flooring, coating material and prefabricate house. Golden Power Industrial Garden is located in Changle, Fujian Province with the total investment amount of 1.6 billion Yuan and the area of 1000 mu. Our company has established new products' development and experimental laboratories in Germany and Japan, formed a perfect marketing network in the world market and built up partner relationships with many countries such as the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. Golden Power has provided high quality products for some international public landmark buildings during these years.
  • Decorative Interior Exterior Cladding Cement Fibre Board

    Decorative Interior Exterior Cladding Cement Fibre Board

    Green Wall Material

    Using Class A Non-inflammability material, all of the index is zero including combustion index, heat dissipation index, flame index, smog index, etc. No radioactivity for A type decoration material and unlimited for the production, sale and application range. The green wall material is consisted of unique nicotinamide crystal molecular structure after high temperature and high pressure process with many silicate and calcium substances, with excellent stable performance.

    Green Energy Conservation

    Effectively reduce the water and electricity, consumptive material, reduce the construction waste and dust pollution, shorten the construction period, greatly reduce the building activities and energy consumption for building use, reduce 50% civilized construction cost of the part project of branch company.


  • ETT  Coating porcelain fiber cement  cladding plate

    ETT Coating porcelain fiber cement cladding plate

    ETT NU Coating porcelain series (External wall)

    The unique NU process (glazing process) is adopted to permeate the surface of inorganic substrate and combine with a weather resistant surface layer of inorganic material. Substrate is inorganic material, surface layer is cold porcelain surface layer, has good self-cleaning, weather resistance, no color difference, air permeability, mildew resistance, high resistance (surface layer 300 C does not damage and does not change color) and other significant advantages. At the same time, it also retains the original texture of the plate, with the characteristics of primitive atmosphere, and has a sense of history. It can be widely used in the wall decoration of all kinds of buildings, especially for schools, hospitals, libraries, government offices and other large venues. Can effectively replace the right material, aluminum plate, ceramic tile and other decorative materials.4502ed0bc6cf25ff36e72a40d72e5fdd fiber cement faceda (1) fiber cement faceda (5)fiber cement siding

  • PDD Through-colored fiber cement external wall panel

    PDD Through-colored fiber cement external wall panel

    PDD Through-colored fiber cement external wall panel

    Its material has the characteristics of ultra-high density and ultra-high strength, and the bending strength reaches the highest level stipulated in the standard; Inorganic material, mold resistant waterproof, wind resistant, anti Japanese light, anti wall leakage, durable class A non-combustible, non-radioactive, green environmental protection; Full color, beautiful and generous. It can be used for high-grade external walls and interior decoration of buildings and subway stations.

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  • ETT Subway/ tunnel  fiber cement steel plate

    ETT Subway/ tunnel fiber cement steel plate

    Calcium steel plate is one of the metal calcium series, by the high density calcium silicate board surface by chemical method, or inorganic enamel will be high weatherability fluorocarbon aluminium zinc steel plate and their organic combination, supplemented by high temperature and pressure, static pressure curing process, and at the back with a layer of a closed, moisture, strengthening the role of aluminium coated fabric. Steel calcium plate unique structure, obtained a number of national patents, is a kind of environmental protection, energy saving new material, it is widely used in tunnel, subway, airport and other underground transportation engineering fire protection and national protection.

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  • ETT Stone Grain Exterior fiber cement decorative board

    ETT Stone Grain Exterior fiber cement decorative board

    Stone Grain Exterior decorative board

    On the surface of silicate substrate, the penetration type bottom coating process is adopted, and the top paint is firmly attached to the substrate. After triple protective primer, double color layer process, three times of low temperature baking, one natural drying, nine coating processes create full color and luster of the plate.

    Product application
    Coating natural color, good water resistance, stable coloring, self cleaning test. Mowen sheli Gaoqi Sanjing Gao all kinds of building wall decoration, especially for the old city reconstruction project building exterior wall, apartment buildings, office buildings, buildings and other building exterior wall. It can effectively replace the traditional exterior wall decorative coating.



  • ETT fiber cement decorative Clean plate (Interior wall)

    ETT fiber cement decorative Clean plate (Interior wall)

    ETT Clean fiber cement decorative plate (Interior wall)

    The antibacterial concept of non-airborne silver ion is applied to the coating production of fiber cement board, so that inorganic board antibacterial and anti-static can kill more than 600 kinds of fine solid such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Austenieri, bacillus pneumoniae, and more can kill superbacteria such as drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The surface layer is dense and dust-free, excellent scrubbing resistance, durable weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance, which can be used for disinfecting water cleaning and high concentration O3 scrubbing without fading. Low heat conduction, low water absorption, moist environment, no corrosion, no mildew, the color should be elegant and soft.微信图片_20220505151618