TKK Fiber cement outdoor flooring

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TKK Fiber cement outdoor flooring

Goldenpower TKK board breaks through the traditional fiber cement board formula, using high-quality silicate inorganic cementing materials, fine quartz powder, all imported plant long fibers and other raw materials, through modern production technology Forming, it has the characteristics of inorganic material fireproof, waterproof, mildewproof, weatherproof, anti-termite, durable, customized size and so on.
The fourth-generation TKK board plank road system product combines modern design aesthetics and the most cutting-edge technology. The perfect product system and strict quality control ensure the user’s most comfortable stepping experience and visual satisfaction. Through continuous improvement of its own products and the formulation of application standards, Goldenpower company can apply TKK board system products to various building structures at home and abroad, and will fully replace traditional wood or wood deep-processing products.


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Technical performance index

Test items skills requirement Test results
Density g/cm3 -- >1.40


Water content% -- ≦10


Wet rise rate% -- ≦0.25


Heat shrinkage rate% -- ≦0.50


Flexural strength Aspect intensity ratio % ≧58


Average vertical and horizontal strength MPa ≧16.6


Impermeable -- Wet marks on the back of the board are allowed after 24h inspection, but no water droplets Wet marks appeared on the reverse side of the board, but no water droplets appeared
Freezing resistance -- After 25 freeze-thaw cycles, no rupture or delamination is allowed No rupture or delamination occurred after 25 freeze-thaw cycles
Thermal conductivity W/(m·K) -- ≦0.35


Non-combustibility -- Class A non-combustible materials

Class A1 non-combustible materials

Appearance Quality Front surface There must be no cracks, delamination, peeling, and no unsanded parts on the sanded surface Meet the requirements
back The unsanded area of the sanding board is less than 5% of the total area
Drop corner Length direction≦20mm, width direction≦10mm, and one board≦1
Fall off Edge drop depth≦5mm
Shape and size deviation mm 


length(1200~2440) ±3 Meet the requirements
width(≤900) -3 ~ 0
thickness ±0.5
Uneven thickness% ≦5
Edge straightness ≦3
Diagonal difference(1200~2440) ≦5
Flatness Unsanded surface≦2
Abrasion resistance Grinding pit length mm --


Slip resistance BPN -- --



TKK Siding plank has cedar grain design for cladding of luxurious villa or multilayer buildings. It is for climate-resistance, waterproof, wind loading resistance, UV proof, exterior wall leak protection, and good thermal insulation.

TKK Siding plank is especially suitable for seaside exterior wall cladding because of its excellent anti-impact resistance and high bending strength. It can be used as interior decoration in the occidental style restaurant, art gallery and theater as well. Outstanding cedar pattern effect is going well with the building which pursues nature, harmony and art. TKK Siding plank, air gap and framework compose the ventilated cladding system. The system can balance the wind pressure, keep warm, resist typhoon, prevent rain leakage, etc.

The rectangle size and lap siding improve the decorative effect of buildings, and also enhance the strong sense of line and the layer of the exterior wall. The cedar pattern emphasizes the coordination of the building and the nature. It can be used in new buildings and the renovation of old buildings.

The fourth-generation plank road board product Goldenpower TKK board, in addition to its outstanding functional quality, it can also meet actual needs and designers’ design ingenuity, as well as a variety of different aesthetic ideas, and customize the specifications, sizes, shapes and colors of different plank roads. The unique and unique beauty of the space creates a different landscape plank road landscape.

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