Goldenpower Fiber Cement Board Decking for garden and villa outside road

Short Description:

ber Cement Siding Board for Wall: 7.5mm / 9mm thick, Size: 200x2440mm
Fiber Cement Decking Board for Floor: 20mm / 22mm / 24mm /25mm thick, 150 / 190 / 250/ 300 / 350 / 400mmW x 2400 / 2440mmL
After 24-hour inspection, no water droplets were found.
Hot Rain Test
Fifty hot rain cycles, no cracks and delamination on the plate surface
Hot Water Test
The ratio of saturated flexural strength to saturated flexural strength is greater than or equal to 70% after 56 days immersion
at 60 degrees Celsius.
Immersion drying test
After 50 cycles of drying, the saturated flexural strength ratio is greater than or equal to 70%.
Mildew Resistance Test
Antifungal property grade 0
Water Resistance
After 30 days, no cracking, no layering, no falling off, no swelling and no color change were observed.
Acid Resistance
After 15 days, no cracking, no layering, no falling off, no swelling and no color change were observed.
Alkali Resistance
After 15 days, no cracking, no layering, no falling off, no swelling and no color change were observed.
Toxicity of tobacco production
Complying with GB/T20285-2006 standard, safety level (AQ level)
Non-asbestos test
It conforms to HJ/T223-2005 standard and does not contain asbestos.
Complying with GB6566-2010 standard and meeting the requirements of Class A decorative materials
Feature &Function

·1.High strength The board has high strength, saturated flexual strength is greater than or equal to 13MPA, and it forms an integral whole with the basic building, which can meet the needs of large-crowded areas. 2.Non-combustible materials 3.Weatherability Through 100 freeze-thaw cycles, 50 hot raim cycles, 56day hot water immersion test, water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance test, the board meets the requirements of JC/Y Fiber cement plate part I: Asbestos-free Fiber Cement Palte A product standard, and can be applied to severe cold and bad climate areas. 4. Environmental protection and energy saving 5. Rich in Color Flexible and changeable colors, through-body color, natural cedar texture, give full play to the designer’s imagination, and provide some inspiration for the construction of landscape trestle.

Product Introduction
Goldenpower TKK Decking Board (Fiber Cement Decking Board) are imported wood pulp, Portland cement, quartz powder; added other special materials, after pulping, molding, pressurized steaming, surface treatment, it becomes to be a board which is high-strength, easy to cut and drill, anti-corrosion, anti-worm moths, anti-mold, strong weather resistance, long service life. It will bring good step experience and good visual satisfaction when used as decking board for walk-way systems. /Scope of Application/ Gadis Decking Board (Fiber Cement Decking Board) can be used for the walkway of scenic spot, park, level platform, community walkway, the seaside viewing platform bridge, outdoor paving, balcony floor, outdoor decorative landscape plank and so on; it also could be used to be the railing, vine rack, Lang court, flower stand, flower box, fence, table and chair benches, the trash can, the decoration board for buildings.
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