Jinqiang ETT Board Assisted Assembled Public Construction Project – Zhangzhou Longhai Yuegang

Project name: Zhangzhou Longhai Yuegang Central Primary School

Product used: Jinqiang ETT board

Use area: about 5000m2

The construction area of Longhai Yuegang Central Primary School Project is about 21000 m2, and the construction cost is 71.8 million yuan. It is composed of 3 5-storey teaching buildings, 1 6-storey office building, 1 4-storey comprehensive building, wind and rain playground, corridor, etc. It is a fabricated frame structure, which is composed of prefabricated columns, prefabricated beams, fabricated composite wallboards, laminated plates, steel stairs, steel roof, etc. The average design prefabricated rate is 61.5%, which is the highest prefabricated public building project in the province.

▲ Rendering

The project adopts Jinqiang ETT board. At present, the main construction has been completed and the decoration stage is under way. It is expected to be completed and delivered in August.

 ▲ Construction site of Yuegang Central Primary School

Jinqiang ETT board (exterior wall cold porcelain decorative board) adopts a unique NU process (glaze process) to penetrate and combine a layer of inorganic material weather resistant surface on the surface of inorganic substrate. The base plate is made of inorganic material, and the surface layer is made of cold porcelain, which has excellent weather resistance, wear resistance and fade resistance.

 ▲ The project adopts Jinqiang ETT board construction site

Jinqiang ETT board is applied to the high-grade decoration of the exterior wall and interior of each building, which can effectively replace stone, aluminum plastic plate, ceramic tile and other decorative materials. It is clean, antibacterial, non combustible and temperature resistant, the surface layer is 800 ℃ non destructive and non discoloring, zero formaldehyde, non radioactive and other characteristics. It has rich green environmental colors, and can customize the surface decoration effect.

▲ The project adopts Jinqiang ETT board construction site
▲ The project adopts Jinqiang ETT board construction site

The project adopts fabricated frame structure and Jinqiang ETT board, which not only speeds up the project construction progress, but also injects industrial elements into the campus. Traditional and modern architectural styles complement each other. Yuegang Central Primary School Project is a civilian run and practical livelihood project. It has 36 teaching classes, which can accommodate more than 1600 students, and nearly 1000 new degrees. The completion of the project will greatly meet the school needs of students in surrounding areas, greatly improve the surrounding teaching environment, have great benefits in stabilizing the source of students in surrounding rural school districts, implementing high-quality school running, promoting large-scale school running, and further realize the balanced development of education.

Post time: Oct-25-2022