Jinqiang ETT decorative plate is used in Fuzhou Fuma Gushan Tunnel Project

Project name: Fuma Road Gushan Tunnel Widening Project

Product used: Jinqiang ETT decorative plate

Product consumption: 40000m2

Green panel manufacturer: Jinqiang (Fujian) Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd

The Fujima Road Gushan Tunnel Widening Project is an important control project of the Fujima Road Upgrading and Reconstruction Project in Fuzhou City, and it is also the tunnel with the largest span and longest length in the current domestic tunnel widening and reconstruction projects. The total length of the reconstruction section is 2.946 km, the tunnel span is large, the excavation width reaches 20 meters, the crossing geology is complex, and there are many existing tunnel diseases. In this complex environment, the double tunnel two-way four lane road is widened in situ to double tunnel two-way eight lane road, with a total of six tunnel shafts, and its scale and difficulty are second to none in the country.

Jinqiang ETT decorative plate is used to decorate the tunnel in the widening project of Fujima Gushan Tunnel. Jinqiang ETT decorative plate can be customized in size and color according to design requirements, and dry construction is adopted on site. After the keel framework is erected on both sides of the tunnel, Jinqiang ETT decorative plates can be directly erected on the keel, which can reduce construction waste at the construction site, and is safe and environmentally friendly.
Jinqiang ETT decorative plate is specially treated with 300 ℃ porcelain process, which produces a glazed texture. It is not only beautiful and natural, but also has wear-resistant hardness, which can effectively prevent surface scratches. At the same time, Jinqiang ETT decorative panels have excellent fire resistance, reaching Class A1 incombustibility, helping to improve the safety factor level in the tunnel.

At present, the main line of the Fuma Road Gushan Tunnel has been successfully opened to traffic, and the project is in the final stages of completion. As an important channel connecting Fuzhou downtown and Mawei New City, the tunnel can greatly relieve the existing traffic pressure in Fuzhou, strengthen the connection between Fuzhou and Mawei City, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive service function of Mawei New City after the whole line is opened to traffic.

Jinqiang ETT board

Jinqiang ETT decorative board is made of cement, silica calcium material as the base material and composite fiber as the reinforcement material through molding, coating and other processes. Jinqiang ETT decorative board is mainly used to replace the original stone, ceramic tile, wood board, PVC hanging board, metal hanging board and other materials, so as to eliminate its shortcomings such as aging, mildew, corrosion and flammability. Under the condition of proper maintenance of paint and fasteners, the service life of cement fiber external wall cladding external wall decorative board shall be at least 50 years.


Product features:

1. Thermal insulation: the plate has low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation performance.

2. Durability: The product has strong stability, and all indexes such as cold and hot shrinkage and expansion are not affected by climate, sunshine, weathering and other factors, so it can be kept beautiful for a long time.

3. Sound insulation: It can isolate noise well, including aircraft, trams and highways.

4. Environmental protection: all products are 100% asbestos free, no volatile gas emission, zero formaldehyde, green, safe and reliable.

5. Incombustibility: The board has a good incombustibility function, reaching the fireproof grade of A1.

6. Seismic resistance: the plate is light, which can reduce the impact on residential building load in case of earthquake.

Scope of application:

1. Exterior wall and interior decoration of various civil buildings, public buildings, high-end factory buildings, middle and high-end multi-storey residential buildings.

2. Villas and gardens.

3. Reconstruction of internal and external walls of the old house.

4. Internal and external walls of reinforced concrete or steel structure frame system.

Post time: Oct-25-2022