Lightweight composite wall panels meet the needs of new building materials

Nowadays, people also put forward high requirements for the partition walls of residential buildings, such as having more characteristics. Therefore, the functions and characteristics of the lightweight composite wall panels of Fujian goldenpower can meet people’s requirements for housing.

Traditionally, buildings using traditional block partition walls will be heavier, and higher load-bearing requirements will be put forward on the building structure. Therefore, more and more high-rise buildings choose lightweight wall panels. Choosing lightweight wall panels, first, can reduce the weight of the building; second, through the factory production of partition wall materials and rapid on-site installation, production efficiency can be quickly improved, and costs can be effectively reduced; third, in terms of product performance, light weight The wallboard not only has good durability, but also fully meets the requirements of sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardancy, and moisture resistance.

Lightweight wall panels are mainly vertical reinforced partition walls. Vertical reinforced partition walls are composed of a skeleton and a finishing layer, including slat plastered partition walls, expanded steel mesh plastered partition walls, and various sheet partition walls. It is understood that the plastering of partition walls with boards is widely used, and the difference in the functions of such partitions is mainly due to the choice of surface materials. Currently commonly used surface materials include artificial wood panels, paper-surfaced gypsum boards, and calcium silicate. Lightweight wall panels such as boards.

In the selection of surface layer materials, some people in the industry have made comparisons. Because of its own properties, artificial wood panels are difficult to meet the requirements of fire resistance, flame retardancy, and moisture resistance. There are targeted water-resistant panels, fire-resistant panels, and moisture-resistant panels. Various types of panels such as, sound insulation panels, etc. build partition walls with various functions. It is understood that manufacturers such as Fujian goldenpower lightweight wall panels, with some special EPS polystyrene, cement foam can also provide such as vibration and sound insulation, Functional partition walls such as radiation protection and environmental breathing adjustment.

The heat preservation of buildings has always been a topic of concern. Different regions, different types of buildings, buildings with different heights, different functions, and buildings with different energy-saving standards should choose different wall energy-saving technologies reasonably according to the specific conditions of individual buildings. At present, the lightweight composite partition wall panels developed and produced by Fujian goldenpower Company are widely used in various indoor partition walls with larger storeys or larger spans and the separation of various parts with larger thickness requirements, instead of traditional masonry building materials.

Fujian goldenpower lightweight composite partition wall panels can shorten the construction period in both the north and the south, reduce the project cost and maintenance cost, and greatly improve the obvious comprehensive benefits of the same life span of the wall and the main structure of the building. The use of internal thermal insulation technology can also receive the benefits brought by the above comprehensive advantages, and at the same time, self thermal insulation and internal thermal insulation will bring more extensive design space to the building’s exterior facade decoration. At the same time, the simultaneous development of Fujian goldenpower thermal insulation wall technology and composite thermal insulation wall technology has achieved building energy conservation while greatly promoting the technological progress of the building materials industry. It also has a certain binding force on certain reasons for raising housing prices due to energy conservation. It conforms to relevant national policies and conforms to the laws of market development.

Fujian goldenpower has been committed to researching the new requirements of energy-saving buildings in the new environment, and how to deal with the new environment of lightweight composite wall panels freely. With the promotion of policies and the advancement of people’s consumption concepts, Fujian goldenpower lightweight composite partition wall panels have become the first choice for new energy-saving buildings. I believe that the future lightweight composite partition wall panels will definitely contribute more to my country’s construction industry. Contribution.

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Post time: Dec-02-2021