New environmentally friendly building materials lightweight partition board

“Qin brick and Han tile” has a history of thousands of years in our country, and it is impossible to highlight people’s sight overnight. However, due to the many hazards of solid clay bricks, it has been banned by national policies and it can be said to have been dragged into it. The blacklist of building materials. When the obsolete products that are not environmentally friendly are phased out, the new environmentally friendly and green building materials market will inevitably cause some shocks. In recent years, under the influence of positive factors such as national industry orientation and changes in people’s consumption concepts , my country’s green building materials market is generally showing a vigorous development trend, but this does not mean that every company can sit back and relax. The production of new wall materials is still an emerging industry in my country, and its maturity, standardization, and order need to be improved. Enterprises must always keep an eye on the forefront of the development of new wall materials in order to continuously adapt to changes in market demand.

Since the sales of existing products are booming, why rush to replace them with new ones? According to reports, the “new wall material” itself is a concept that is constantly updated and developed. For example, compared to clay bricks produced by traditional techniques, those that can save land resources and reduce exhaust emissions are among the new wall materials. New wall materials are also distinguished. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, they also have the characteristics of light weight, strong noise resistance, and good thermal insulation, so they have a competitive advantage in the market. At this time, the government’s guiding role is very critical. The administrative department of wall reform needs to plan ahead and promote the introduction of policies to create a better market for the promotion of higher-end wall materials while strictly implementing the “restricted” and “restricted” policies. environment.
As a new type of environmentally friendly wall material, lightweight partition walls have better heat preservation and sound insulation effects than brick partition walls, and the cost is much lower than brick partition walls. The cost of lightweight partition walls is much lower than brick partition walls. Wall, it can be said that the price/performance ratio has an absolute advantage. This is also one of the reasons why wallpaper partition panels can quickly spread in the building wall material market.

Long-term scenery is appropriate. New wall material companies must face up to the setbacks and difficulties in development and actively seek solutions. They must also have a long-term perspective, attach importance to new product research and development and brand building, and attach importance to technological transformation, product promotion, marketing, and after-sales. Services and other links. It is reported that in order to accelerate the development and growth of the city’s new wall material industry, the Municipal Wall Reform and Bulk Packaging Office will continue to raise the industry’s entry barriers. While strengthening the quality management of existing wall material companies, it will focus on the development of large-scale enterprises. In terms of guidance and support, guide enterprises to invest in products with good market prospects and high technological content, develop energy-saving, consumption-reducing, and emission-reduction products, guide enterprises to establish a healthy competition system, and cultivate a batch of scales with advanced concepts and good growth potential as soon as possible Enterprises, gradually introduce our city’s new wall materials industry into the track of sound development.

The above information is related to the advantages of the new environmentally friendly building materials lightweight partition wall panel introduced by Fujian Fiber Cement Board Company. The article comes from goldenpower Group

Post time: Dec-02-2021