New insulation materials such as cement foam insulation board

In recent years, the country has strictly required the promotion of building thermal insulation and energy conservation through design, supervision, and acceptance. In the future, construction projects that do not use external wall thermal insulation technology will not be approved. Guangzhou Oufu Building Materials Co., Ltd. Cement Foam External Wall Thermal Insulation The board equipment adopts cement foaming technology and material composite technology, and the output is increased by three times. Oufu’s cement foamed exterior wall insulation board is widely praised for its superior performance.

Building energy efficiency has become a key factor in the decision-making of my country’s energy sustainable development strategy. my country’s existing building area energy consumption is more than 20 times that of developed countries, which has caused a heavy energy burden and serious environmental pollution to the society. Development of energy conservation and green buildings Without delay.

The development of green and energy-saving buildings, the advancement of residential industrialization, the improvement of building service life, the energy conservation and environmental protection of external wall insulation materials, etc., are closely related to energy conservation and reduction of environmental pollution. The development and progress of the insulation material industry provide the possibility for the above work sex. For this reason, in the context of energy saving and emission reduction, the construction industry has a major demand for the development of the building materials industry, including new wall materials that meet the requirements of building energy saving, green fireproof and durable composite insulation wall structure system, and residential industrialization materials. Parts and functions integration technology, the evaluation of green building materials in the application of green buildings, the harmless disposal of urban waste and the utilization of resources.

At this stage, most of my country’s new building materials companies produce low-end products, while high-end energy-saving and emission-reduction products are rarely asked. In cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the “Existing Building Energy-saving Renovation Technology Promotion Catalog” was issued, including a number of building materials products. It also includes new insulation materials such as cement foam insulation boards.
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Post time: Dec-02-2021