News | To prevent fire safety drills in Jinqiang Park without “burning”


The sweltering heat is coming, and Fuzhou has experienced high temperature for several days recently. In order to further strengthen the safety production line, do a good job in fire safety work, and improve employees' fire safety awareness and safety self-rescue ability, on June 23, Jinqiang Assembly and Construction Industrial Park organized firefighting Safety drill. The exercise was directed by Xu Dingfeng, deputy general manager of the park.


escape drill

The drill is divided into two parts: escape drill and fire-fighting drill. During the escape drill, everyone listened carefully to the on-site explanation, and learned together how to evacuate the scene safely, effectively and quickly in response to fire emergencies. Afterwards, the employees entered the factory for an escape and evacuation drill. During the process, everyone kept their body low, bent down, covered their mouths and noses, passed the escape route indicated by the evacuation signs, and checked the number of people in time.


fire drill

During the fire-fighting drill, the instructor explained the correct use of fire extinguishers to the participants in detail, and instructed everyone to carry out fire-fighting practices. Through the combination of theoretical teaching and practical operation, it is ensured that all personnel master the use of fire-fighting equipment.


A complete success

Through this exercise, the fire safety awareness of employees has been further improved, the ability of employees to fight initial fires and self-rescue and self-protection has been enhanced, so as to effectively prevent fires and minimize hazards. After the fire drill, Xu Dingfeng, deputy general manager of the park, made a concluding speech, fully affirming the drill. I hope that you will always maintain the hope that all employees can take this drill as an opportunity to further do a good job in the company's safety work, eliminate various safety hazards in the bud, and take effective measures to prevent all fire accidents. To prevent it from "burning"!

Post time: Jul-21-2022