Performance characteristics of green building materials fire partition board

In recent years, with the continuous deterioration of the environment, low-carbon environmental protection has become our current theme. In order to promote the progress of this project, the government has formulated relevant standards for the use of building materials. The draft is currently in the finalized state, and it should be in the near future. release.

Fire-proof partition board is the main insulation material in my country’s market. The “Twelfth Five-Year Special Plan for Building Energy Conservation” formulated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposes that by the end of the 12th Five-Year During the First Five-Year Plan period, it will increase by about 15%, and the energy-saving standard of not less than 65% will be implemented for new urban buildings. From the current market structure, more than 70% of the insulation material market is organic materials, of which 75% uses polystyrene materials, and SEPS will share this tens of billions of market in the future.

The fire-resistant partition board has a fire resistance limit of more than 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 ℃, and does not emit toxic and harmful gases, and its non-combustibility meets the national A-level standard. After the wall panel is installed, it has superior stability and integrity, and has good fire resistance. It can confine the fire and smoke and poisonous gas to the fire area, prevent the fire from spreading, and block the generation of poisonous gas (or effectively isolate it) , So that people have enough time to evacuate and fight fires, avoid major loss of life and property, and add a guarantee to your safety. It is a fire prevention theory that prevention is better than salvation.

Fireproof partition board is a new type of green building material. It is mainly made of gypsum powder, light steel slag, some waste cinder and some recycled building materials through high temperature disinfection and 7000 tons of molding. The partition wall can prevent the high temperature of 1200 degrees and does not emit any toxic substances. In addition, it also has many performance characteristics and is the benchmark in the new generation of building materials.
Performance characteristics of fire-resistant partition board

1. High overall strength and no deformation: Due to high strength and good overall performance, it can be used as a wall interval with high storeys and large spans. As long as the steel structure is simply used for anchoring, the section steel is embedded in the wall. Inside, a large-span, high-story wall does not need to increase the wall column, and its impact resistance is 1.5 times that of general masonry.
If a wall with a height of more than 3 meters is made of general masonry, it must be as thick as 220mm, and when the span exceeds 5 meters, columns must be added, which consumes labor and materials and takes up space.

2. Increase the practical area: the thickness is 75mm, which is 85mm thinner than the traditional 120mm wall with plastering. Every 12 meters of extension of the wall can increase the practical area by 1 square meter. The overall area of ​​the room is increased by 4-6%. The value of the usable area of ​​the real estate is higher than the cost of wall panels, so it can be said that the use of Fujian goldenpower AT wall panels is free.
Generally, the masonry is at least 160mm thick, which occupies valuable practical area. Imagine buying a house with the same internal area at the same price. If you use Fujian goldenpower AT wall panels as the internal partition, you can add a few square meters. Useful area, why not do it.

3. Light weight and arbitrary interval: Since the unit area weight is 1/6 of the general 120mm thick masonry, it can reduce the weight of the structural wall, reduce the load-bearing of the beam and column foundation, and the room can be spaced at will. For a house, 180-200 tons (storey height 3 meters) can be reduced per 1000M2. In an office building, 250-200 tons (storey height 3 meters) are reduced per 1000 square meters. If the height of the house is above 3.5 meters, the thickness of the masonry wall must be increased to 200mm. At this time, 600 tons can be reduced for every 1000m2.
Generally, the masonry must be built on top of the beams, which cannot be separated at random, which has great limitations.

4. Class A fireproof material: There is no damage in the 120-minute combustion test at 1000 degrees Celsius high temperature. After the inspection of the National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the fire performance has reached the national Class A standard to ensure absolute fire protection.
Generally, masonry has no heat insulation function, and conducts quickly when exposed to heat, which is not conducive to fire prevention.

5. Can be nailed and pasted: The wall panel can be bonded with building lime sand, cement paste, etc., and the wall decoration and bricks need no special treatment; it can be nailed, drilled, and installed at any position, with a single point The hanging force is above 40 kg.
General masonry, especially solid masonry, cannot be nailed arbitrarily, which will bring troubles and difficulties to the subsequent decoration work.

6. Simple construction and civilized production: simple installation and construction technology, ordinary workers can install it after a short training, simple construction tools, no special requirements. The wallboard can be cut at will to adjust the width and length. During the construction, the transportation is simple, the stacking is sanitary, no batching, dry operation, no residual mud, low loss, little waste on the construction site, and civilized construction. The material transportation weight is 1/6 of the original masonry weight.
Generally, there is a lot of rubbish from masonry construction, and the construction site is dirty, messy, and poor, and the horizontal and vertical transportation are under great pressure.

7. High efficiency and short construction period: due to convenient installation, no bricklaying and plastering is required, the construction period can be shortened, and the installation is ready to use; the slotting is quick, the installation of water and electricity pipelines is convenient, and the construction efficiency is several times that of general masonry.
Install a wall panel (1.8M2) = masonry 120 standard bricks + 7.2M2 (double-sided secondary) plastering, an average worker can install 12 wall panels per day, that is = technical workers build 1500 bricks +86M2 Plastering.

8. Seismic resistance: Because it is a fabricated wall, the board itself is a three-in-one structure, and the board and the board are tenon-joined as a whole, and the performance of impact resistance and bending resistance are incomparable with masonry walls.
Generally, the masonry will hit a big hole when it is impacted; when it collapses in an earthquake, it will endanger the safety of life and property.

9. Sound insulation: 42dB sound insulation effect, in line with China’s national sound insulation test standard GBJ121-88; due to the high density and easy reflection of the material, it has a strong sound insulation effect, which is better than ordinary masonry.
The sound insulation effect of general masonry is 35-37dB.

10. Moisture-proof and water-resistant: Due to the special performance of the solid mud panel, the moisture-proof and water-resistant function is particularly outstanding. Experiments have proved that Fujian goldenpower AT wallboard can be cemented without any waterproof finish to form a pool filled with water, and the back of the wall can be kept dry without leaving any marks, and the wall will not be affected in damp weather. Condensation drops appear.
The above information is related to the performance characteristics of green building materials fireproof partition wall board introduced by Fujian Fiber Cement Board Company. The article comes from goldenpower Group

Post time: Dec-02-2021