Spend a happy time together, Jinqiang Building Materials employee birthday party in October

Time is meaningful and memories are long

Sing a birthday song and taste a sweet cake

For the employees of Jinqiang Building Materials in October

A birthday wish

Enjoy the happy time belonging to Jinqiang people

On November 4, Jinqiang Building Materials' October employee birthday party was held as scheduled. The happy warm music sounded on the scene, colorful balloons were placed on the long table, and various small gifts were stacked together. The atmosphere of the birthday party was full.
Give out birthday red packets, share delicious snacks, carry out interactive games, taste birthday cakes, and Jinqiang birthday stars in October get together for a happy time.

Celebrate collective birthdays for employees whose birthdays are the same month

It is a tradition of Jinqiang Company

Liu Jinling, Chairman of Jinqiang Holding Group

Li Zhonghe, General Manager of Jinqiang Building Materials

Always adhere to establishing an embodiment of corporate culture

Increase employees' sense of belonging

Let everyone feel the warmth and warmth of Jin Qiang

I hope you can work together to create

A strong family with cohesion

Happy, talkative and caring first

Let's look forward to the next employee birthday party!

Post time: Oct-25-2022