The functional characteristics of light-weight wallboard external wall external insulation and external wall internal insulation

The lightweight composite partition wall board is made of high-strength cement as the cementing material as the surface layer. It is a high-strength, light-weight, and uniquely structured heat-insulating light-weight wallboard made of cement and fly ash foam as the core body, through the production line pouring, vibrating dense, leveling, and compounding. The performance has reached the leading domestic level. Features of lightweight composite partition wall panels: 1 Lightweight composite partition wall panels are light-weight earthquake-resistant: Lightweight wall panels are more than ten times lighter than clay solid bricks and more than 100kg lighter than hollow blocks. For foundation problems, the slab-column connection has good seismic performance, not only for low-rise buildings, but also for high-rise buildings, soft geological and beach, beach buildings. 2 Good thermal insulation performance: composite aerated wall panels in the production process, Many vacuum bubbles are formed inside. These bubbles form a static air layer in the material, so that the thermal conductivity of the board is only 0.12W/mk and the thermal resistance is 2.00, which can greatly reduce the cost of electricity and coal for heating and cooling. It can be described as a good choice for energy saving. 3 Lightweight composite partition wall panels have good sound insulation and waterproof performance: the internal airtight microporous structure of the panel effectively blocks sound transmission and sound absorption dual functions, sound insulation ≥ 40dB, waterproof, moisture-proof, and freeze-thaw resistance are all up to the standard. 4 Increase the use area: wall The body is thin, and the usable area can be increased by more than 810%. 5 The device has good processing performance: the wallboard can be sawed, nailed, drilled, and cut at will, and the building pattern can be manufactured at will. 6 Fast construction of lightweight composite partition wall: dry operation, simple and convenient installation, more than 6 times faster than block walls, which can greatly shorten the construction period. 7 Lightweight composite partition wall panels have good surface decoration performance: the wall panels have good surface flatness, and they can be directly pasted with wallpaper, wall tiles and spraying after filling the joints. 8. Lightweight composite partition wall board has low comprehensive cost: due to the lightening of beams, columns and foundation loads, the construction is fast and the cycle is short, which reduces the project cost by 20% compared with clay bricks and hollow blocks. 9 Civilized construction operations: dry construction, site data specification, less construction waste, high level of civilized construction. 10 Lightweight composite partition wall panels are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and waste: the wall panels do not contain toxic or harmful substances, and waste and energy-saving are green products promoted and developed by the country.

The so-called light-weight wallboard external wall internal insulation construction is to add an insulation layer inside the external wall structure. Its advantages: First, the construction speed is fast, and the second is the mature technology. But there are also problems. The first is that the insulation layer is built inside the wall, which reduces the use area of ​​the commercial house; the second is the secondary decoration that affects the residents, and the interior walls cannot be hung with heavy objects such as decorative paintings, and the inner walls are hung and fixed. Objects are easy to damage the internal thermal insulation structure; again, it is easy to produce molds on the internal wall; finally, the internal thermal insulation structure will cause two temperature fields between the internal and external walls to form a temperature difference, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the external wall will change compared with the internal wall. Large, this will produce instability to the building structure, and the insulation layer is prone to cracks. The so-called light-weight wallboard exterior wall thermal insulation, its structure is built on the outside of the main structure, which is equivalent to adding protective clothing to the entire building. Its advantages: First, it can protect the main structure of the building and prolong the life of the building; the second is to increase the use area of ​​commercial houses; the third is to avoid the formation of heat dissipation channels by the outer wall ring beam structure column beam doors and windows, and effectively prevent the “heat” that is difficult to overcome by the internal thermal insulation structure. “Bridge” phenomenon. External wall thermal insulation is a kind of thermal insulation and energy-saving technology that is currently vigorously promoted. The state not only improves the technical construction process materials for external wall thermal insulation, but also formulates relevant regulations at the legal level to assist it.

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