The importance of the development of fireproof and thermal insulation boards for new building materials

In the past century, the development of the entire human race has achieved a qualitative leap, but at the same time, the limited resources of the earth have become more and more limited. The fanatical storm and tons of smog have put forward a severe test for the survival of mankind. Energy conservation, emission reduction, resource conservation, and resource regeneration have become the consensus of all mankind. Human beings have only one earth, and saving energy means protecting the earth.

1. Building energy conservation is imperative.

Transportation, industrial manufacturing, and construction are the three main areas of energy consumption. In Europe and the United States, the energy consumption of buildings during construction and use accounts for more than 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, of which about 16% is consumed in the building construction process, and more than 30% in building operation. Building has become the main area of ​​energy consumption. Coupled with China’s urbanization process, 2 billion square meters of new urban buildings are added every year, so the proportion of building energy consumption continues to grow. Building energy conservation is imperative, and the potential is huge.

2. The energy saved by a good energy room has huge potential for building energy conservation, and we must take active and effective actions.

In Europe, the energy saved by building energy efficiency is equivalent to 15 times the total amount of wind power. Clean, valuable energy is the energy saved.

3. Building energy conservation, the outer wall insulation bears the brunt of the building energy consumption.

The energy loss through the wall accounts for more than 50% of the energy consumption of the building envelope. Therefore, the thermal insulation of the outer wall of the building is an important way to achieve building energy saving. And simple and easy. Building energy conservation, the outer wall insulation bears the brunt.

4. Energy-saving protects the earth and safeguards life safely.

At present, the effective energy-saving products in the external thermal insulation system of buildings are organic thermal insulation materials such as EPSXPS, which are highly energy-efficient and have good physical properties of buildings, but unfortunately they are fireproof. Poor, it is easy to cause building fires and pose a serious threat to people’s lives and property.

Organic thermal insulation materials such as EPSXPS use halogen and other flame retardants to improve their fire resistance. As time goes by, the flame retardants will volatilize and eventually disappear. The fire performance is changed and phased. This is like keeping the occupants in a fire-prone enclosure for many years, posing a long-term threat to life and property.

Energy conservation protects the earth, but life must also be safeguarded. This is a problem that the insulation industry should consider and solve. It is also a responsibility shared by the government to real estate companies, from construction companies to building materials companies.

The above information is related to the importance of the development of fireproof and thermal insulation boards for new building materials introduced by Fujian Fiber Cement Board Company. The article comes from goldenpower Group

Post time: Dec-02-2021