To fight the epidemic together, Jinqiang holdings will set out again to help Nan’an, Quanzhou!

In recent days, the local epidemic situation in Quanzhou has broken out in many places, and the form of epidemic prevention and control is severe and complex. In order to fight the blocking war of epidemic prevention and control, Quanzhou Nan’an municipal government urgently started the construction of Nan’an shelter isolation point project after research and deployment. The construction unit of the project is Nanan Health Bureau, the construction agent is Nanyi group, the design unit is Fujian architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and the construction unit is Fujian Nanjian Construction Development Co., Ltd. As a green building industry service provider, Jinqiang holding group has participated in projects such as the newly infected area of Fuqing hospital, the centralized observation point on the north side of Fuqing hospital and the centralized observation point of Fuqing vocational and technical college. This time, Jinqiang holding group set out again to participate in the rush construction of isolation houses of this project and supply Jinqiang “box houses” for the project.


Nan’an shelter isolation point project is located in Huanglong plot of Rongqiao, Liucheng street, Nan’an City, close to Nan’an South Expressway toll station. The construction land area is 67.961 mu, and 964 isolation rooms are planned to be built. A total of 15 2-storey isolation rooms and a 2-storey medical office building are planned. It is planned to have 2 entrances for isolated personnel and distribution square, and 1 entrance for medical personnel and distribution square. The project is divided into two phases, and 246 sets of shelter are planned to be completed in the first phase. The isolation point is enclosed by high-grade stainless steel isolation enclosure. The isolation room adopts movable box room modular splicing, and the internal living and bathing, air conditioning, network and other facilities are complete.

On March 15, the shelter isolation point project in Nan’an City, Quanzhou was launched urgently. Then, the design scheme drawing and site leveling were carried out successively. 640 (1)

On March 16, the foundation pouring of the project began. At the same time, Jinqiang holding group urgently established a project team to prepare the construction team and coordinate the transportation of box house materials at the isolation point.

640 (2) 640 (3)

On the morning of March 17, the main frame of the house entered the site. 640 (4)

On the morning of March 17, the main frame of the house entered the site. 640 (5)

On the evening of March 17, the whole staff rushed to install the house day and night.

640 (6)

640 (7)

640 (8)

640 (9)

On March 18, the machine roared continuously, and the construction site was carried out in an orderly manner. The main frame of 1# building and 5# building was installed.

640 (10)

640 (11)

640 (12)

On March 18, the main frame of the 2# building was completed, and the wall panels, doors and windows were installed.

640 (13)

640 (14)

Beat the thorns and cut the “disease”, escorted by Jin Qiang. Quanzhou Nan’an shelter isolation point project is still under intense construction. Jinqiang holdings will continue to work with all units to build a strong anti epidemic fortress, help Quanzhou fight the epidemic and win the war of prevention and control as soon as possible.

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Post time: Mar-18-2022