Where is fibre cement used in building construction and how does it work ?

Fibre cement cladding is used on the external walls of homes and building facades. Fibre cement is probably the best materials for eaves and soffits (outdoor ceilings) because it’s lightweight and resistant to damage form moisture which may be the result of a roof leak. Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) is more heavy duty and is typically used beneath tiles, as substrate flooring, in bathrooms and verandas.

Demand for fibre cement cladding continues to grow as it provides design flexibility and takes up less floor space than brick cladding. It doesn’t add much to wall thickness. When architects talk about designing with lightweight materials they’re referring the opportunity to design interesting shapes and overhangs due to the absence of heavyweight materials like bricks and stone. The external cladding range by Golden Power offers a variety of textured or grooved cladding panels; shiplap cladding boards or overlapping weatherboards. These different styles can be an alternative to brick veneer and be used singularly or in combination to achieve classic or modern home designs.

Around world homes are built with timber frames. The frame is constructed first, then the roof installed, the windows and doors installed and then exterior cladding to get the building to lock-up stage.


Post time: May-31-2024