Multi-Purpose Calcium Silicate Board for ceiling

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Multi-Purpose Calcium Silicate Board for ceiling
MDD Mididi low density board is mainly made of quartz sand, with ultra-low density ≤0.8g/cm3 Degree, beyond the same type of products, with A fire, not afraid of water, mildew, moisture, light high Strong, high toughness, easy construction, no cracking, no dust in construction, easy cutting and so on Potential, is the best choice of interior space partition wall, ceiling.
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 Product Feature 


1.Fire resistance, high thermal insulation

2.Low density, Lightweight

3.100% asbestos-free


5.Various patterns

6.Low Price

7.Easy installation and maintenance

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Product Introduction

ETT decorative board is made of cement, silica-calcium material as the base material,composite fiber as the reinforcing material, and processed by molding, painting and other processes.
ETT decorative board is mainly used to replace the original stone, ceramic tile, wood board,PVC hanging board, metal hanging board and other materials to prevent its shortcomings such as easy aging, mildew, corrosion, and flammability. Under the condition of proper maintenance of coatings and fasteners, the service life of cement fiber exterior wall siding exterior wall decorative panels is at least 50 years.
ETT decorative board series products are high-end interior and exterior wall decorative boards that integrate functionality and decoration. They can be widely used in various civil buildings,public buildings, high-end factories, mid-to-high-end multi-storey houses, villas, gardens, etc. ,
Chic style, rich colors and strong decoration. Used in the renovation of old houses, it can make the appearance of the original building look new. It can also be used as the inner and outerwalls of the reinforced concrete or steel structure frame system.ETT decorative panel is quick and simple to construct, which can make the structure and decoration in place in one step.

Product Parameter

Thickness Standard Size 1220*2440mm


Interior ceiling and partition

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