18mm fiber cement Floor Plate

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Multi-Purpose Calcium Silicate Board for Floor Plate

Floor plate is a kind of calcium silicate baseboard with lightweight, high density, high strength and high flatness for the interlayer floor. The purpose of floorslaber is for the interlayer floor of an office building and residential building.


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Product Introduction

TKK board can be applied to LOFT, duplex floor partition floor, can replace the traditional cast-in-place concrete, steel truss floor slab and other wet operation floor slab,
It has the advantages of fire prevention, moistureproof, impact resistance, sound insulation, earthquake resistance and freeze-thaw resistance. It can be directly installed on the steel keel, dry operation, construction is convenient
Quick, low comprehensive cost characteristics

Wood Grain Fiber Cement Board is a stable performance and light weight building &decoration board used cement as major and natural fiber reinforced, with the process of pulping, emulsion, forming, pressing, autoclaving, drying and surface treatment.With the sanding surface, thickness uniformity is better and grain is clearer. And because of the cement,the strength is higher, and waterproof performance is much better.

Product Parameter

Thickness Standard Size
18.20.25mm 1220*2440mm

Main features

High desntiy , light weight , high strength and
high flatness


Interlayer floor

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